Last Happy Hour of The Year

super bowl happy hour 2014
JPM Enterprises Host Pre-Big Game Happy Hour
Rain Delay, Tricky Conditions & The Austin IFMA Golf Tournament

Congrats to all the winners of our last happy hour of the year.

Well it’s that time again and this year is coming to a close. I would like to thank everyone who came out this year’s events and made all our happy hours a success in both Austin and San Antonio.

To all those who walked away with some prizes make sure you come back next time for another shot at it. If you missed any of the past events come out and possibly walk away with a little something next time. We’ll be sending out an Evite so be on the look out for it.

Here’s a list of all the winners from out San Antonio Happy Hour.

Ana Paula Aun
David Usher
Lisa Martinez
Rita Johnson
Judith DeSantiago
Cynthia Hernandez
Mary Ann Brown
Ruben Alvarado
Philip Capitano
Yolanda Mason
Andra Adame
John Shey
Myra Lee
Gene Bartosh
Kathy Nielsen
Priscilla De Leon

Happy holidays to all. Enjoy the time off …

Make sure you come to the next one and help us make these bigger and better. We’ll keep everyone informed and send out an evite. If you didn’t get an evite to these just let us know you want to come and we’ll add you to the list. Email Patty at

Let the good times roll … til next time

If you would like to attend please contact patty may at

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