JPM Enterprises Host Pre-Big Game Happy Hour

san antonio happy hour
Last Happy Hour of The Year
san antonio happy hour
Last Happy Hour of The Year

Congrats to all the winners of this years Austin Amigos pre-big game happy hour

Seattle beat Denver in the Superbowl and we threw a Happy Hour to celebrate the big game. Everyone had a great time and of course, there was just a little friendly trash talking. Thanks to everyone who came out and had some fun with us before the game.


To all those who walked away with some prizes make sure you come back next time for another shot at it. If you missed any of the past events come out and possibly walk away with a little something next time. We’ll be sending out an Evite so be on the lookout for it.

Here’s a list of all the winners from out pre-big game Amigos Happy Hour Austin.

Melvin Brown
Linda Kliarsky
Dusty Garrett
Steve Barnes
Al Braddock
p>Jennifer Flynn
Rob Ledbetter
Dryden Rannefeld-May
Doris Zagst
Romeo Solano
Rick Scott
Peter Speirs
Judi Ford
Rachael Burlingame
Meagan Smith
David Watson
Nancy B

Make sure you come to the next happy hour and help us make these bigger and better. We’ll keep everyone informed and send out an evite. If you didn’t get an evite to these just let us know you want to come and we’ll add you to the list. Email Patty at

Let the good times roll … til next time

If you would like to attend please contact patty may at

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