Commercial Carpeting Lifecycle Cost Analysis

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Protect your commercial carpet
How to Protect Your Commercial Carpets

When considering the total cost of commercial carpet replacement, all of the factors show below may be relevant to the equation:
• Cost of Replacement Carpet                                                 $ 100,000       13%- 15%
• Cost of Disassembling, Removing, Reassembling
and Replacing Office Cubicles, Furnishings,?
File Cabinets, Equipment, Etc.?                                            $ 14,000
• Labor Cost For Removing Old Carpet                                 $ 5,000           4% – 6%
• Labor Cost Of Installing New Carpet                                   $ 5,000           8% – 10%
• Cost Of Designer/Architect/Space Planner                         $ 3,000           2% – 4%
Total Aggregate Cost of Replacement                             $ 131,000

Note: The above total doesn’t include the cost of executive management time, staff expenses for project planning and control functions, nor any adjustment for inflation.

Total Aggregate Cost Amortized Over Time
6 years = $ 21,833
9 years = $ 14,555
Yearly Benefit Of Extending Life Of Commercial Carpet
Through Proper Maintenance Program                             $ 7,278
Total Savings Over The Life Of The Carpet                    $ 65,502
(Over 65% Of The Replacement Cost Shown Above)

Important Note: With proper maintenance your carpet can often stay looking good for 90% of the total time it’s in service. However, without proper maintenance it would be typical for the carpet to stay looking good for only 30% of the time it’s in service. This means the aesthetic life of your carpet can usually double and sometimes triple with the implementation of a sound preventative maintenance program