Have Your Carpets Lasting Longer
and Looking Better

Establishing a Carpet Maintenance Program Reduces Cost and Extends the Life of Your Carpet

JPM evaluates your specific carpet, flooring and upholstery needs when establishing a maintenance program for your business.

Having a building maintenance program is essential for your business to not only comply with manufacturer recommendations and reduce the life-cycle costs of maintaining your carpet, but also for the long-term carpet appearance, retention and indoor air quality of your facility.

Why have a maintenance program?

Life-cycle cost reduction, long-term appearance retention, indoor air quality, and more.

Long-term appearance retention:

A consistent carpet maintenance program will keep your carpet looking its best – not only the appearance of the carpet, but the perceived appearance level of the entire facility.

Life-cycle cost reduction:

Studies have proven that implementing a carpet and floor maintenance program can double the life-cycle of your carpet and floors.

Indoor air quality:

An effective carpet maintenance program can eliminate 95 to 99 percent of contaminants contained in carpet, thereby keeping the facility environmentally clean and healthy.


Since JPM always follows the manufacturers recommended procedures you will always be in compliance with your warranty.