IFMA Golf Tournament

10 reasons for a carpet maintenance program
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10 reasons for a carpet maintenance program
Top 10 Benefits of Hiring a HUB Business

The Annual IFMA Golf Tournament, A Day Out On The Course

Heres a few photos from the IFMA Golf Tournament in San Antonio where we played out at “The Quarry”. Cool place to play golf if you ever get the chance.

The JPM Enterprise Golf Team

The coolest back nine ever at the quarry golf course

JPM Enterprises just had the opportunity to be apart of a great golf tournament put on by IFMA in San Antonio. IFMA did a fantastic job of picking out the location and pulling off the tournament.

The IFMA Golf Tournament was played out at “The Quarry,” what a cool place to play golf,  the whole back nine fit inside and around the old quarry that used to be there. While our team finished middle of the road, fun was had by everyone involved. The whole day it looked like it was going to storm. However it only rained on for about 5 minutes just enough to keep it interesting for everyone. IFMA gave away some great prizes, it seemed as if every single person walked away with something, not to mention a full belly of BBQ.

Big thanks to IFMA and all the volunteers and vendors that helped make this event awesome!

More photos of the quarry golf course below. It’s worth a look:

View from whole 9 of the quarry

View of the 18th from the bottom of the quarry

The tee shot from the 18th tee box

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