How to Protect Your Commercial Carpets

carpet lifecycle analysis
Commercial Carpeting Lifecycle Cost Analysis
How Carpet Maintenance Effects Indoor Air Quality
carpet lifecycle analysis
Commercial Carpeting Lifecycle Cost Analysis
How Carpet Maintenance Effects Indoor Air Quality

Your commercial carpet is an enormous investment in both time and money. It is critical to implement a maintenance program from the start for the longevity of your carpet. A regular carpet maintenance program will extend the life of your carpet.

The reason for an effective cleaning and maintenance program is boosted when you identify why it’s worth while:
• Repurpose facility space.
• Preserves the value of your businesses property and reduces the rate of depreciation.
• Contributes to worker comfort and productivity of employees.
• Facility looks better.
• Helps preserve good health in the facility.
• Sends message to your customers that you care.
• Contributes to environmental protection.
• Better sanitation at your facility.
• Reduces risk and prevents crisis.

Several factors will effect the appearance of your carpet including your carpet maintenance plan. Having a complete maintenance plan is one of the most important factors of your carpets longevity. Make sure you choose a company that can implement a competent plan for your building or facility.

There are some conditions where carpet appearance change must be expected. In areas where foreign material is tracked into the building, carpet and other flooring may become yellowed over time. High traffic patterns are suspect for slight dulling and indicates a build up of soil. It is virtually impossible to remove all of this material once it has penetrated the fiber of the carpet. Entrance mats and scheduled cleaning can reduce this phenomenon. Areas where large amounts of sandy soil enter the building may become dull in appearance over time. This is due to abrasion of the fiber surface, affecting the reflection of light. Frequent vacuuming helps to minimize this problem.

A thoughtfully designed and implemented maintenance program performed by qualified personnel, properly equipped and trained, is essential for optimal long-term performance of your facilities’ carpet.

Carpet longevity is related to the quality of carpet installed and a comprehensive maintenance program. If the wrong carpet is installed it just will not last that long no matter what you do. However if the right style of carpet that is professionally installed and a maintenance program is implemented the life expectancy will be much longer hence the return on your investment will be greater. Stay away from light colors in high traffic areas. It seem obvious but they will become soiled faster and will not retain its appearance as long instead opt for a darker color.

The distinction between carpet cleaning and maintenance is that cleaning is removing soil buildup and tends to be done only when noticed. A maintenance program does not allow this dirt accumulation to happen and is an on-going process to maintain the carpets quality of appearance.

A comprehensive carpet and floor maintenance plan uses some of the following:
• An effective cleaning system
• Easy to implement
• Done safely during off peak hours
• Is cost effective
• Contains a complete plan and schedule
• Regular inspections
• Reviews with building managers

JPM Enterprises offers a maintence program for all our customers.