Take Care of Your Marble Floors Now or Pay the Price Later

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JPM Named IFMA San Antonio Associate Member of the Year
carpet lifecycle analysis
Commercial Carpeting Lifecycle Cost Analysis
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Take Care of Your Marble Floors Now or Pay the Price Later

A marble floor is an investment worthy of proper care. Marble wears well and lasts forever, and you can maintain the rich beauty of your business’s floor by using the right products and materials and following a few simple procedures. If the marble floor wasn’t manufactured or installed with a sealer, consider adding one. It can protect against stains and scratches. As the one responsible for the care of your company’s marble floor (whether personally or supervising), you can keep it beautiful indefinitely if you make sure it is cleaned regularly and maintained right.

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Want your commercial floors to look like new? Don’t forget to keep them buffed and polished by professionals. It may seem like just giving them a quick once-over with a mop would be fine, however, that may work for a little while without any harmful effects but floors much like carpet need constant maintenance to stay looking like new. Floors have a few scratches and nicks in them? Well you’re in luck, this time because proper buffing of marble and tile floors can restore them to their previous shine if done correctly. If not done correctly you can do more harm then good. Here are a few simple steps to get you started off on the right foot.

Despite being very durable commercial Marble floors are actually pretty sensitive. Make sure to a.) get a specialized commercial buffer or b.) hire a dependable, trusted commercial floor cleaner. If you are a DIY’er then you will need to go out and get a commercial buffer solution.

First a few ground rules on how to do some regular mopping and maintenance on your marble floors for the long haul.
• Make sure to mop regularly with a dry, untreated dust mop. Grit, dirt, and sand tracked onto the floor by shoes can scratch the marble. Just make sure not to use a vacuum, it will damage the floor.

• Get two buckets of water. Using a wet mop, add a few drops of cleanser to a bucket of water. Dip the mop into the water, and make sure to wring it out thoroughly. C. When mopping the floor go in a smooth motion. Don’t use excess pressure and make sure to wring out the mop frequently.

• Use the second bucket of clean water put the mop in wring it out thoroughly, and mop the floor again.

• Dry the marble floor immediately with the clean, dry mopping head. Use a soft cloth for puddles.

Now on to the polishing procedures. This is only for small marble floor polishing jobs
• Apply the polish to 3×3 areas using a spray bottle. Put a couple of sprays on the marble at a time and work in sections until you get your desired shine level. It may take a few applications.

• Make sure not to over buff/polish just be patient and move slowly

• Get the corners by hand with a small pad to get a matching shine level with the rest of the floor.

• Remove polish residue, dust, mop and sweep up.

• Pat yourself on the back and look at your reflection in the nice shiny marble floor.

Regular buffing of your marble and tile floors will keep them looking great for a very long time. However, sometimes floors need some extra buffing when they have deeper scratches or other damage. For these bigger jobs, it’s always best to hire a professional. Have a look at the floor cleaning section of our website.

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